Are You Looking for a Change?

Forced to Change

I was forced into a change because a fire took my business but you might be looking for a change just to try something different or earn a little extra on the side .

Whatever your reason I am here to help you explore some options to get you started. I did not have a road map or any one telling me the best way to go so I am just going to share what I have learned in a few short months I am still on that journey but I have learned a lot.

Then I would like you to share your learning too, what works, what does not work, what costs are involved and whether or not you achieved any of your goals.

Navigating Your Journey on the Road to Success.

It can be an overwhelming task, just trying to find the right road on your map to success.  There are so many different routes you can take and making that right decision can save a lot of time and angst and have you on the road to success much sooner.

Have you been on one of those congested city freeways and missed an important sign which would take you directly to where  you want to go?. You end up getting lost and lose a lot of time trying to re jig your position. GPS mapping has made this so much easier and thats what we need to navigate our way through the copious amounts of  avenues all proclaiming to help you make money on line.  Many will end up as a dead end, others will take you round and round in circles. All of them will convince you to part with some of your hard earned cash to adopt their system.

Deciding on the best route:

  • Many many people are on the same journey as you are and most of  them are just as confused. So who should you talk to?   I am going to take a look at a couple of different options and hopefully help you find your way through all the congestion to a destination that’s perfect for you.
  • We do not just jump in the car and take off on a holiday,we need to plan, and prepare and schedule, likewise when making a major business decision we need to plan and be clear about our destination and how we intend to get there.
  • For the family holiday we set aside time and resources to cover expenses also for a business venture we need to set aside time to research, evaluate and follow through.
  • Reviews can be a very helpful indicator when choosing your accommodation on a holiday, so to valid reviews can help in the decision making process of which business model to follow.
  • Do your homework before setting off, set achievable goals and stay focused until you reach your destination.
  • All of the following are good ways to learn and earn on the internet. You need to decide which is right for you.


Business Blueprint

Dale Beaumont has to be the most qualified entrepreneur to learn from. His course requires a substantial investment and a commitment in time but many people have been able to grow their current business exponentially by working with Dale. He runs 1 day workshops in most major cities and these are a must to attend even if you cannot do the course. Dale gives away  a treasure chest full of marketing knowledge and resources at each workshop. You will come away feeling highly motivated and itching to apply some of the principles he outlines. He has been an incredible success in his own business and is very generous with helping others to grow theirs. If  I can make one must do recommendation it would have to be that you attend  Dales 52 Ways workshop.  I have been to 4 of his one day workshops in Melbourne and each time I come away feeling enriched and empowered..

Here is a link to follow.     52 Ways Business Workshop


Matt Lloyd  is another successful Australian business entrepreneur.  My Online Business Empire or MOBE for short  was founded by Matt Lloyd. Matt is an extraordinary entrepreneur from Perth, Australia who made over $300,000 when he was 20 years old and his first million when he was 25 all from the power of the internet.

MOBE is starts with an online course where your work through a series of steps with a business coach and then you purchase the right to onsell a range of  educational products.  Most of the reviews I have found of MOBE are very good  and even if you do not invest financially again you will learn a lot to enhance your own business and online marketing skills.  Here is a link to a Youtube video where Matt explains MOBE

Matt Lloyd on Youtube



L0ts of people are making good money on line by starting up their own online store selling niche products which they are passionate about. There are thousands of products being marketed on the internet now. The best thing about Shopify is that you don’t need very much money to get started  and there are plenty of apps to assist with your store.  Again you need to do the training and you do need to promote your business through advertising but you have that expense with any business.  The key is to finding the right niche, using the best key words in your posts and believe in your product.  Also as with any other business you need to build a relationship with your customers. Follow through and ensure they are happy with their purchase.

Dropshipping and Shopify

Wealthy Affiliate

This is the last one I want to look at here and it is my favorite.   Wealthy affiliate is an online course which only costs around $50 per month.  The learning is clear and very easy to follow through.  Each lesson covers a new learning outcome and you receive it in manageable portions.  The other really good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the social engagement with others on the same journey. Its like you meet up with friends along the road and they you can help and encourage each other through the difficult parts.  The other amazing thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you are able to build up to 25 websites to grow your online presence. This is like investing in property without having to outlay a huge amount of money.

This is the link to get started on Wealthy Affiliate


Well there you have 4 roads to choose  from of the many available.






Choose the way which is best suited to you


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