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Have you been searching for that amazingly easy way to make money online from home?  I am really sorry to tell you that there is no easy way. You need to work and work hard. You need to spend hours getting educated and learning internet marketing skills.

  • Building a blog
  • Building a website
  • Engaging with and using social media
  • Building an extensive email list.

This all takes time and effort, lots of time and lots of effort.  There are thousands of rogue sites out there who will be using all their skills to entice you to follow them and promise you instant success.  The saying if it is too good to be true it probably is.

Any busy venture you embark on is going to eat up your time, your money and resources. All businesses to be successful demand that you put in a great deal of effort and commitment.

So where and how do you start?

  • Decide on your  niche
  • Choose your market, demographics, age, area, etc.
  • Set goals for your business  :  short term and long term.
  • Make a plan : how you will structure your business
  • Build a website, either yourself or engage a professional.
  • Build your  customer base.  This may mean being prepared to give something away to get interest.
  • Build a relationship with your customer base.
  • Stay focused and committed.
  • Continue to benchmark against your goals and other similar businesses.
  • Enjoy the journey. If you do not enjoy it you will never be successful.

Do not be discouraged by failure but instead see it as part of your learning process.  Learn from people who have already traveled the same road, have already encountered the same obstacles and have reached their destination of ultimate success. Surround yourself with positive people, these are people who believe in what you are doing, can share your vision and possibly mentor you along the way.  Never ever be afraid to ask for help.  

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Beware of scammers, those rogues I mentioned at the beginning who are itching to take your money and when you opt in they drop you like a hot potato. 

They promise you will make mega bucks if you opt into their system and fill their pockets with your money.  I am always very suspicious if they offer you a cheap starting  price then all these other more expensive pop ups keep confronting you with more and better offers when you have barely had time to digest the first one.

I have found a few very genuine online marketing systems that will be most helpful to anyone starting out who needs a hand up. They each have good support and educational tutorials to equip you for the work ahead.

You can learn more about each of these by checking out my page Making Money Online   I have looked briefly at Business Blueprint, Shopify, Mobe and Wealthy Affiliate. I know there are other and perhaps you could add them in comments.

In writing this post I am seeking to get your feedback on your experience of  trying to find the best way to build a business online. Use the comments space to leave your experience or knowledge which will be helpful to others.

When you give generously you will also receive abundantly so never be afraid to give of your knowledge or experience. Wealthy Affiliate is a  brilliant online educational and website building platform where participants engage with each other, learning from each other and sharing their ideas and successes and failures.

The lessons are staged and you can move through at your own pace building up  to 25 websites hosted within the platform. If your internet skills still have some way to be improved WA is the best place to achieve that. Education to running your online business from home is paramount. If you would like to take a look inside hit the link below and I can promise you wont look back.

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