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A Review of Wealthy Affiliate Versus Empower Network

Deciding which programs offer the best work from home opportunities:

There are so many scammers on the internet that sometimes it is difficult to tell the chaff from the wheat. I am going to review a few of the scam sites on this website and the first one I will expose is Empower Network.

Review of Empower Network: Warning 

Empower Network, which I am actually intimately familiar with, because I was a member of Empower Network. In the beginning it seemed very promising and exciting  I bought the starter membership of around $39 AU. I blogged away, day after day and followed the instructions to the letter.

The two People, David Sharpe and David Wood who lead the company are two very casual looking guys who are not at all professional in their appearance or approach. They would appear in videos  dressed in a pair of shorts and a singlet top or no shirt at all.  But their enthusiasm could not be denied so I decided to look past my own prejudices and have a go at what they were promoting.

I spent many hours and all to no avail. I did not make one single cent return on all the money I paid.

They did have some good internet marketing videos but it was not until you paid larger amounts of money that you could access these.

There are different and ever increasing levels of membership within Empower Network which require monthly recurring payments. It works as a multi level marketing system where you buy your membership then recruit others and you then get a percentage of the membership paid by all the people you sign up


The Inner Cicle level  costs around $100

The $100, the Inner Circle membership entitles you to a series of conference calls that that can be up to 3 hours long, where some who proclaim they have made it big in Empower Network will brag about their achievements.


Then there is the Costa Rica Intensive.

This will set you back about $500 dollars but even then and there they will push you to invest even more money or risk being labeled as a wuss.

After you do sign up and pay the big dollars you will be entitled to some worthwhile training but it still remains a lot of work  before you will earn anything, in fact  very few people actually make any money at all. The truth is you cannot earn any commissions until you have gone all in and paid up  over $5000 which by the way is non refundable if you decide it is not working for you.

You are encouraged to dig deep or risk not being successful at all.  Empower Network is expensive and risky. They promise big earnings but very few people actually make it.

Empowernetwork has gone Bankrupt:

The video I had published on this site has been taken down . See the following article for an explanation.

Empowernetwork Falls

Empower Network is not the only scam program on the internet so its a case of buyer beware. If you want to work online from home then you need to sift through the options and find programs that are legitimate and ethical.

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As a comparison let me show you something that really works and is legitimate and honest.

Now for the very best the internet has to offer: Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is like an online university where you can learn everything about  Networking and Internet Marketing such as:-

  • Learn to make money by building websites in your chosen niche or interest area.


  • Learn about and promote  Affiliate Marketing by choosing high paying affiliate programs and adding links to them on your websites.


  • Master social engagement to increase network of people visiting your site


  • Learn best ways to advertise and promote products online using  social media advertising like Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Google.


  • Earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate and its learning programs


  • Wealthy Affiliate is a sequential learning system where you learn every aspect of affiliate marketing from building the website to monetizing the website.

The following is a screen shot of the money making opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate.  This is an added bonus to all the learning which you can apply to any web site.

Earning money by referring WA is an added bonus of the program. You can join Wealthy Affiliate and build up to 50 different businesses online .

Yes,  you can build up to 50 websites  to grow a business around a niche that you are passionate about. You will have available to you some of the best teaching on the internet to grow your knowledge and skill base to equip you in building your work from home business.

Within WA you will engage with a very active and supportive community of like minded people who will offer you feedback on your work and answer your questions as you grow your online presence.

You can use the websites you build to promote other peoples products or your own products and services and in so doing earn a good income from your online work from home.

With Wealthy affiliate you can start for free and then later if you feel it is the right mix for your online business then you can become a premium member for just $49 per month or even less if you buy a yearly membership.

The table below outlines what you get in Wealthy Affiliate.


If you would like to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate hit the link below and get started today. Do not be conned by all the scammers lurking on the internet to get your hard earned cash. This is genuine, not get rich quick but a genuine way to build an online presence and grow your business.

Please comment or ask any questions .  I want to help you achieve your goals.





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